The 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader (and a more human one too)

10 qualities of great leadershipWhat are the 10 qualities that make a great leader, and a more human one too?  What are those attitudes and attributes that reside deep in the hearts and souls of those who step into the arena and lead their teams to the More Human success trifectaa great business, a happy team, and a fulfilled leader?

In my view it boils down to these 10 things – together, the essence of great leadership.

  1. Positivity – It’s what I call “Looking at the literal world in a favorable way“. You are certainly not a Pollyanna, but the arrow must always stay pointing up.
  2. Purpose – There must be a place you want to lead someone, or a group, (or yourself) TO, that goes beyond just profit.
  3. Empathy  – You have to be able to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, and apply the “Golden Rule“.
  4. Humility – You want to make them BETTER than you. You shine the light on them. It’s not about you.
  5. Will – YOU have to really want to get there, somehow, someway. And that needs to be right on your sleeve for all of your team to see, and feel.
  6. Relentlessness – Your positive tone, your message, your vision, your values, and your expectations are out there, constantly. Week after week, day after day, hour by hour.
  7. Persistence – You are never satisfied. The bar can always be raised.
  8. Curiosity – You don’t know everything, so first you need to admit it, and then, want to keep learning, and learning ,and learning.
  9. Trust – It’s the sacred bond between you and your team that must be earned, not just be freely given or taken.
  10. Love – You have to love leading your team, and not be afraid to talk about it, or express it.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes, to reinforce #10:

“He treats them as his own beloved sons and they will stand by him until death” – Sun Tzu

Now that you’ve read this list, think about the qualities YOU believe you bring to the table as a leader, and how they compare. Also, if you would ask your teammates to compile a list of 10 attributes to describe you, what would they be?

My ask of you today is this, especially if you are struggling with your leadership – take some time this week to really think and reflect about the qualities that define you, and what changes you need to make to more closely conform to this list.

Because believe me, if you can put these 10 things in your heart and soul, your leadership will take a giant leap forward to greatness, and that success trifecta.

Lead well!

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    Hmm, nice post.
    Think that 9. Trust and 10. Love are most important things for great leadership. Both create healthy atmosphere in collettivo, which boosts productivity.

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