10 Immutable Laws Of Leadership

10 lawsThere are some things about leadership that we cannot change, no matter how hard we try.

They are the immutable laws of leadership, forming the backbone of any successful foray into this honorable vocation.

Live by them, build on them, and lead by them, and you give yourself a fighting chance.

Defy them,  manipulate them, or ignore them, and the deck will be stacked against you.

There are 10 in particular that have made the biggest difference for me, and I trust that they will for you as well.  Click through to find further insights on each of them.

  1. Until you figure out WHY you want to lead, you cannot deliver great leadership

  2. Your team can only be great in an atmosphere of truth and transparency

  3. Leadership by osmosis doesn’t work

  4. Your way isn’t the only way

  5. If you are going to make rules for ALL, then apply them to ALL

  6. Great teams are made by hiring people smarter than you

  7. If you want them to remember something, you have to say it at least 15 times (Terry’s Rule)

  8. Those who learn best from wisely selected history are destined to greatness

  9. Facts are stubborn things – ignore them at your peril

  10. You have to let them fail

Lead Well!

(PS: Click the image above to get a PDF poster of the 10 Laws for your wall or desk)


  1. New older Mom says

    This list could be applied to Parenting quite easily. I have found that good leaders are also good parents.

  2. Stu says

    You have to be careful with “let them fail”…especially if you are a structural engineer designing bridges and buildings.

  3. Bob says

    This was the first article of your’s I’ve ever come across…..Thank You! I wish I could pass this along to some of the managers in our organization. The concepts put forth in this article ARE alien to them. I’ve followed most of these rules without knowing them. Now I can post them on my office wall and those other managers can question me about my choice of wall decoration.


  4. says

    Hi Bob, thanks for your comment, and I hope that posting these laws on your wall have a positive effect on your workplace. Good luck and all the best!


  1. […] The way of rules:  Remember that your way isn’t the only way, advises consultant Terry Starbucker. Also: If you are going to make rules for all, apply them to all. And if you want your staff to remember something, you will have to say it 15 times. (Source: TerryStarbucker.com) […]

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