The 10 Triumphs That Lead To Great Leadership

bigstock-Happy-businessman-standing-on--12165197How do you know when your leadership is making a difference?

As we move forward on our leadership journeys, there are lots of clues out there that can let us know how we’re doing, but there are 10 in particular that you should focus on.

I call them “triumphs“, and for good reason – these milestones represent critical tests of leadership.

And if these tests can be passed with flying colors, you’ll be well on your way to greatness.

  • The Triumph of Trust –  It’s when you no longer feel the need to peer over shoulders, or micro-manage, or take on work that others should be doing.   And, on the other side, when your team puts their faith in you to do the right thing, the rancor, eye rolling, and other disruptions become extinct.
  • The Triumph of Talent  – You’ve thoughtfully and methodically put the right team together, blending talent, skillsets and personalities into a well oiled machine, and you’ve made the tough decisions to eliminate under-performers when needed.
  • The Triumph of Team –  The people around you have embraced the concept of “supporting each other”, and realize that it is vital to the success of the business.   There is a lot of “we”, and very little “I”.
  • The Triumph of Clarity –  There is no doubt among the team as to the vision, goals and values of the company.  They are clear, they are understood, and they are relatable to and aligned with their own personal goals and objectives.
  • The Triumph of Confidence –  A sense of fearlessness pervades the offices and hallways.  There is a clear bias towards action.  Everyone quietly goes about their work with a strong belief that together, the team will succeed.
  • The Triumph of Consistency –   Your team has seen and appreciated your steady and fair hand in setting expectations and holding people accountable.   The rules haven’t  changed from week to week, or day to day.   They know what to expect from you, and it shows in their performance.
  • The Triumph of Truth –  There is no longer any need or desire to shade truths, or hide bad news, or mislead anyone.   The truth has become the ONLY way of communicating, and that freedom has only made the team closer.
  • The Triumph of Momentum – You’ve set up the appropriate metrics and goals that while achievable, leave room for more, creating incremental progress cycles that can create a “flywheel effect”, where the sheer volume of successes can create an unstoppable force.
  • The Triumph of Facts –  The company has put fact ahead of hearsay, speculation and wild-guessing, because the data generation system in place has been set up properly to produce an accurate picture of reality, and it produces the data on a reliable AND timely basis.
  • The Triumph of Will –  You noticed  something pretty simple, but very telling.  It’s been a long, long time since you’ve used the words “hope” or “can’t” in the workplace.    You’re now fully leveraging your strong will to succeed.

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