10 Enduring Leadership Lessons for the 21st Century (My Favorites, Volume II)

What’s a “21st Century Leader“?  A pretty good question, no doubt.

The definition and nature of great leadership in today’s digital age is an ever-evolving thing,  since business models and paradigms seem to change like the weather these days (and wow, the weather has been crazy this year!).

However, in my experiences and observations over the last 11+ years of this young century I’ve found that there are some clear and enduring lessons that if followed, will clearly benefit anyone reaching for leadership greatness.  I’ve already shared 10 in my first volume of lessons, and today, I present “Volume II” – another 10 added to what I consider to be my leadership “master class” (click the bold titles to get the full lesson):

1.  Lead Without Saying A Word – Here’s 7 ways to do it.

2.  Think Like a Plumber -Your team needs to let off some steam (no wrench required).

3.  Hire People Smarter Than You – And let them express their opinions.

4. Use Social Media To Make You Better – Embrace it, use it. Win with it.

5. Give Up Control (Once You Get It) – It may be the hardest thing to do, but it’s SO worth the risk.

6. Keep Your Knee Locked (and Your Anger Controlled) – ‘Nuff said.

7. Connect to Happiness – Find everyone’s WMTH, and then MTH. It’s a common model for anyone you lead.

8. Declare Your Principles (Loudly) – Tell them you won’t lie, and then don’t.

9. Love’s Got Everything To Do With It – Ask John Wooden, the most successful college basketball coach of all-time.

10. Don’t Lose Your Professional Skepticism – Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be.

I’m sure there’s a “Volume III” out there, but those lessons are still to be learned.  And I can’t wait to find them!  Hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Lead well!


  1. says

    Really love the way you put across essential points in such a simple, succinct way! Keeping things simple, I feel, is the best way to go. Complex models and strategies may sound impressive, but they’re often not as effective as simple, direct guidelines.
    Volume I & II provide enough of ‘life lessons’ for most leaders out there. Can’t wait to see what ‘new’ things come up in Volume III.

    – Sindoora (http://www.beyondhorizons.in)

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