How Talking To Yourself (& Social Media) Can Help You Change Your Life

Recently I sat down in Portland for an interview with Greg Hartle, author of the site  “10 Dollars and a Laptop“.  It was a wide ranging discussion that hit on several topics,  but the core of it dealt with change and how to make it happen, even in a down economy.

My very best thanks to Greg for taking the time to do this – I really enjoyed it.  And check out what Greg is doing with his “10 Dollars and a Laptop” project – it’s pretty cool.

Here’s the interview – let me know what you think.


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    Inspiring on many levels; blogging, social media, leadership…and maturity. Thanks Terry, I’m looking forward to further exploring your blog.

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    I don’t normally watch 40-minute videos, but this conversation was so easy to listen to and so interesting that it captured my attention and I found myself entertained and informed. Looking back, I should have been taking notes. Thank you both for taking the time to record the conversation.

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    Thanks Mary! Greg is a great interviewer- he brought a lot of things out of me that had been bottled up inside someplace. I’m really glad he found them! 🙂
    All the best,

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