The Real Job Of Leadership

The real job of leadershipThe concept of execution in the business world is a multifaceted exercise, especially from the perspective of the leader.

I call it “checking all the boxes” – moving the machine hour by hour, day by day, and year by year, towards its ultimate goal.

Because it’s obviously  important to do this, it often can overwhelm our brains and put us in a position where we operate as if our “job” is:

Get Stuff Done

But is that really a leader’s job?

I don’t believe so.

Rather, it’s a byproduct of the real job of a leader.  And actually, if that job is performed the way it’s supposed to be, the byproduct would be:

Get Stuff Done Really, Really Well

The trouble is, the leader’s real job is commonly thought of as a “touchy feely” exercise – something that involves a lot more than our brains.  It also puts our hearts in play.

And THAT can be a really scary thing.

So scary, that many leaders don’t even try to to it.  They just say “do this” or “do that“, or “here’s the plan” or “we better get this done on time”  and keep trying to get those boxes checked.

Sure, it can work, but it isn’t sustainable.

Leaders have to step up, and INSPIRE people, every day.

That involves bringing in your passion, and your heart.   It’s about inspiring people to believe in the company vision and values, and to figure out what’s really in it FOR THEM – job fulfillment and satisfaction.

And like Zig Ziglar said in the quote above, the inspiration needs to be delivered constantly, because just like you, your teammates can also be consumed by the “check the boxes” mentality.

The good news is that the inspiration can be delivered in many ways, and many styles.  You don’t have to be Tony Robbins to be an inspirational leader, but you do have to overcome the fear of going “soft”, and speak from your heart.

You also have to love what YOU do, and show that love and enthusiasm, always.

The net result are teammates that love their jobs, know what’s expected of them, and WHY, and most importantly, believe in YOU.

Then the “get stuff done really, really well”  thing kicks in, and stays kicked in.

Because you are doing your real job every day.

Go inspire!


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    Thanks Terry for another great read!

    You summed it up with “Leaders have to step up, and INSPIRE people, every day.” It’s about conveying your passion and sharing that with the people around you. Even the smallest of conversations can inspire people for greatness. You can feel a true energy around great leaders that inspires you just by being in the same room. Those are true leaders. Those are the people that are not only destined for greatness but have the power to help others move mountains!

  2. says

    Great article Terry.

    I’m a firm believer that the primary responsibility of a leader is to create leadership in the people around her/him. Creating and inspiring followers is all well and good, but one leader can only have so many followers before things get overwhelming and out of control. A great leader builds leadership in others, inspiring them to take on the work for themselves. Taking that approach to the question of leadership makes a huge difference in the scope and power of the community.

  3. says

    Thanks Richard and Shannon for stopping by.

    Shannon, I totally agree that great leaders have that “true energy”. It’s really something to behold. One day I just might find it myself. 🙂

    Richard, I like the line “creating leadership in the people around you” – that’s an excellent take on this I had not considered. Thanks for adding to the conversation!

    Thanks again to you both, and all the best.



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