The SOBCon2010 “Blog it, Earn it” Discount- And An All-Expense Paid Ticket Giveaway


(February 26, 2010 UPDATEThe “Blog It, Earn It” discount has been extended to April 1, 2010. See the instructions below on how to get $250 off a ticket to SOBCon2010!)

Suppose you could take a weekend retreat away from the noise of the Internet …

  • to focus entirely on your business
  • to work with the support of a mastermind team
  • to get quality time to interact with the top people in social media
  • to get the best information AND time to discuss how you’ll apply it
  • to work with sponsors who are doing the same thing
  • in a room limited to 150 people — all focused in the same direction
  • without worry because the food and the wireless are outstanding.

Imagine a weekend work retreat with these people totally invested.

Would you write a blog post to get a chance to win a FREE SOBCon Weekend?

An All-Expense Paid Ticket!! AND the Return of The “Blog It, Earn It”  Discount

As a co-founder of SOBCon (now in our fourth year), I’m delighted to announce with my partner Liz Strauss this great offer …

We had such fun last year with the SOBConBlog It, Earn It” discount. We’re bringing it back again. Again this year, we’d like to hear from you — this time about what “The Virtual Meets the Concrete” means to you. We want to celebrate how our relationships online help our lives and businesses online and off.

Tell us why online and offline relationships and strategies matter.

Here’s how to qualify for the discount and enter to win:

1. Write a blog post about a person (or people) online who has (or have) made a difference in your life. Celebrate how they have made your life easier, better, smarter, more productive, more meaningful.

2. Then let us know by tagging your post #SOBCon2010 and leaving a comment on this post. Include a working e-mail with your comment and as a thank you for sharing your story, we’ll send you a special code to take $250 off the $895 FULL conference rate that’s over a 25% savings! (We won’t use your email to spam you.)

We’ll also tweet your blog post so that we can celebrate the folks we all think make us stronger.

Get your posts up before Noon EST on February 14th, 2010, and noon EST pm the next day (February 15th), to kick off a special SOBCobn2010 Webinar with Chris GarrettChris Brogan, Amber Naslund and Liz Strauss (details coming soon), we’ll put all of the entries in a random drawing and choose one lucky winner who will receive:

  1. a free ticket to SOBCon2010 – $895.00 value
  2. airfare and three nights at Hotel 71 – up to $1105 in hotel and airfare

A total package value worth as much as $2000 – nontransferable, nonrefundable.

Blog your thoughts, share it, link it back to this post, and broadcast it on Twitter (hash #blogitearnit). We’ll also encourage you to link to the SOBCon blog for others to see and learn. And remember as a thank you for sharing your story, we’ll send you a special code to take $250 off the $895 FULL conference rate – that’s over a 25% savings!

Or, if you can’t make to SOBCon2010, you could “pay it forward” and pass the discount on to one of your friends — or offer it back to us as a gift for us to pass on for you.

We’re doing everything we can to bring you all the value, the experts and expertise, and the time to work and network that you need to make your business outstanding and extremely profitable in 2010.

What could you do with a weekend of the time, expertise, and support you need to focus your business?

We’re all coming for the same reasons.

Update 2/15: And the winner is…….Hollie Pollard, of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  (@commoncentsmom on Twitter).  She submitted a great post entitled “They Don’t Even Know“.  Congratulations Hollie, and see you in Chicago!


  1. says

    I just posted my entry about the person who inspired me to embrace uncertainty and put myself out there – Rebecca Thorman (the mind behind I’ll tweet the post soon, but the link to it is:
    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  2. says

    This was a fun topic for a blog post – and what a great idea with the discount/contest! Of course, I have more than one person online who inspires me. Some of whom are very familiar to you, I’m sure. Thanks, again!


  3. says

    This was a challenge as I have met and learned from so many wonderful folks over the years, especially at SOBCon. Ultimately, it came down to one who I found was at the root of a number of connections. The one whose place had actually showed me Chris Brogan’s notice on the first PodCamp Boston. I had not yet taken the opportunity to do a formal book review so this can stand in its place. Mahalo, Rosa Say!

    My post can be found here:

  4. says

    Just reading all of these posts gets me looking forward again to that experience … What fun we’ll have and what great things we’ll accomplish again! Can’t wait!

  5. says

    Hi Terry and Liz,

    I tried. I really tried. But unfortunately I couldn’t think of just one person who has inspired me. A lot of people do. Many of them big names on this social web roller coaster. Instead I wanted to thank some of the unsung heroes I have met and who have been nothing more than themselves. In in that they have provided my life true meaning and motivation.

    You can read how they’ve done this here: Thank you you two! Hope to see you again in May.

    All the best,


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