My New Year’s Blogging Wish List (2009 Version)

Happy New Year!

Notwithstanding the global economic calamities that have negatively effected just about everybody’s net worth, 2008 was a great year for me, in both of my worlds. My day job’s company is doing well, and I’m loving my work. I’m now practicing Yoga regularly, and as a result my health is better than ever, and I’m a lot more centered to boot.

As for Terry Starbucker, he also did just fine, thank you! I launched a new blog platform at the beginning of the year on WordPress, and it’s been working very well. I put up 97 blog posts, and Tweeted nearly 3,000 times.

I co-hosted SOBCon08 with Liz Strauss and it was a fantastic experience (as this post would attest).

We’ve already launched registrations for SOBCon09 (May 1-3, Chicago Illinois), and Michelle Vandepas interviewed me about it on BlogTalkRadio in December (if you were ever curious to hear what “Half-Fullism” sounds like, check it out).

I also discovered the secret of lifetwice.

And I came to the conclusion that “Blog years Are Like Dog Years“, and that it was important to thank those people that have helped me in my blogging journey.

Which brings me to 2009.

What are my online hopes and wishes for the New Year? What’s my theme, my mantra?

I’ve already coined a mantra – “No Fear, Stay Proud”.

I’ll be posting a lot more about how I came up with this in the coming days.

And my wishes? Here goes – I wish that……..

  • Liz and I deliver the best SOBCon ever in May, where people walk away having made 150 friends for life.
  • My blogging community at Joyful Jubilant Learning continues to thrive and grow, led by the always inspiring Rosa Say.
  • My friend and leadership mentor Lisa Haneberg and I will continue to work together on projects like the “Developing Great Leaders” conference. And she’ll keep pushing me to finally start working on that book!
  • I will continue to have much fun on Twitter, and in the process attract 5,000 “half-full” followers (more or less). Gotta spread the word, ya know? πŸ™‚
  • Chris Brogan and I will expand our singing repertoire beyond “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and I’ll continue to sponge all of his vast SM knowledge until my brain hurts. Oh, and sorry Chris, I went with 4 words on my goals instead of 3.
  • My dear friend Phil Gerbyshak will achieve all 7 of his 2009 goals, particularly the one about keynote speaking. Go for it kid!
  • I will once again have a post linked to by the internet rockstar (and Nirvana fan) Brian Clark on his Copyblogger site. See that post on the top of my “most popular” tab on the right side? His doing. Thanks Brian, by the way! πŸ™‚
  • That Joanna Young will continue to get goosebumps every time she writes another fabulous post, and (hopefully) every time she reads one of mine.
  • Chris Garrett and I will enjoy a meal of Chicken Tikka Masala at least once in 2009.
  • My site guru Jesse Petersen will continue to enjoy his new home, his gig with iThemes, and continue to give me great advice on the layout and design of this blog (in his spare time).
  • Blogger Social founder Drew McLellan will have a BS09 in NYC, so I can see him again in his cute sailor hat.
  • One of my best blogging friends, Tom Vander Well, will continue to preach the gospel of excellent customer service through his blog posts and his great work with call centers.
  • My across the pond friend Trevor Gay and his wife Annie hit their fund raising goal and safely complete the Flora London Marathon in April.
  • Marti Lawrence will sell hundreds of thousands of copies of her book “7 Ways You Screw Up Your Life (and how to unscrew it)”, not because I contributed a chapter to it, but because she’s such a darn lovely person and deserves a big success.
  • My frequent witty Twitter verbiage exchange partner Amy Derby will get her wish and meet Mrs. Starbucker AND “The Bearista” in May, and we will collaborate on “Twitter, The Soundtrack – Volume 2“.
  • Filmmaker Melissa Pierce will make the documentary of her dreams, and we’ll all get famous because of it (at least all of us who were interviewed by her for the film).
  • I will spend at least another afternoon (or two) happily talking to Director Tom about Zen philosophy and rock& roll (not necessarily in that order).
  • Steve Woodruff will be able to pull off the Mystic Meetup in 2009, so he can directly provide to me his “life-changing value and profound insights” at 5 in the Morning.
  • Fellow JJLer Steve Sherlock will continue to channel Peter Pan with his witty and wonderful “2 Cents” blog.
  • I will participate at least once in one of Robert Hruzek’s Group Writing Projects. And get one of his cool cowboy hats.
  • The “Dude” will come to Chicago in May. πŸ™‚
  • I will ingest some of Jennifer Laycock’s fabulous Potato Salad (fromthe recipe she talks about on Twitter- yes that one. Yum.)
  • Andrew B. Clark will come up with another cool illustration for one of my obtuse sayings (in 2008, it was for “iPod am I).
  • I had more time and space to thank everyone who commented on my blog and Tweeted with me in 2008, and particularly Vicky, Cheryl, Gavin, Dwayne, Sandee, Stephen, Dave, Ellen, Robyn, Todd, Linda, Amy, Michelle, Sonia, Brad, Donna, Karen P, Tammy, Scot, Jamie, Karen S, Julie, HART, Christine, Flora, Chris, Beth, Jackie, Erica, Derek, Maria, Lisha, Chris M, Mykl, Tim, Luis, Barbara, Meikah, Lyman, Loraleigh, Karen H, Mary-Lynn, Ria, Barbara R, Joe, Andrew, Stephen H , Stacy , Larry , Jen , Skylar, Jonathan, Doug, Anita, Amber , Zane, Becky, Pam , Arnie and Mark .
  • My yogini friend from Georgia Liv will always remember that it’s about faith (and good down dogs).
  • Lastly, I fulfill my rock star fantasy with my new writing partner John Haydon with “Blog Years are Like Dog Years” (to debut at SOBCon09)

To all of you, I wish a fantastic and half-full 2009! And remember,

No fear, stay proud!


  1. says

    Hi Terry
    My word for this year is SPEAK, my goal for this year is to be so inspirational I can raise my speaking fee to $5000. Then I’ll be donating the majority of my speaking fees to my women in transition and women in need coaching program.
    Blogging is a kick and your radio interview re: SobCon, very successful. I’m looking forward to having you turn at ‘the bug’ and come visit me in February blessings Michelle.

  2. says

    This is an awesome list – so thoughtful and generous! I love your mantra and hope that all of your wishes come true! I send you good wishes for much success in 2009. Many blessings to you, my friend.

  3. says

    and i think that as i saw my friend’s new 2 year old ring in new year’s with a mean down dog-up dog transition, that all will be well.

    sat nam

  4. says

    Terry, thank you so much remembering me in your 2008 recap!

    I’m so glad that 2008 included meeting you at Blogger Social in NYC and once again in LA.

    Hugs and every possible success in 2009!

  5. says

    The secret to life is going through it with friends like you. No BS. But it’s just no fun to do things without someone to share them with who understands what they mean.

  6. says

    A fine wish list, Terry! Looks like 2009 is gonna be pretty interesting around these parts.

    It’s kind of you to add WILF to your plans, though. Although… I hope you can make more than one of em!



  7. says

    Terry, what a fantastically generous wish list! Thanks for including me on it. Wishing you love and happiness for 2009. May all your dreams come true!

  8. says

    This is a great list of goals and aspirations Terry, and it was my own extreme pleasure to meet you and so many of the people on this list in 2008. I aspire to work with all of you, and look forward to making 2009 a FANTASTIC year.

  9. says

    Terry, THAT’S why I keep you at the top of my reading list. You’re a caring, honest, giving soul, and I cherish being your “blogging buddy.”

    God Bless. Happy New Year… Hope to see you in Chicago (if I can scrape up the vaca time and some cash) πŸ˜‰

    Andrew B. Clark
    The Brand Chef

  10. says

    Happy New Year from East Coast Australia! Just came across your site. Nice to connect to a group of thoughtful folks. Very impressed with your New Year Message, the ‘glass half full’ philosphy, and your appreciation of the joy of learning.

  11. says

    Wow Terry, you are quite the giver my friend. Thank you for giving me a big nudge to achieve my goals this year.

    I look forward to connecting with you in person at least once this year my friend!

    And I hope everyone else mentioned here gets all Terry wished for you and more!

  12. says


    Meeting you this past year was awesome. And not just because you’re my only Twitter friend who sings back to me. πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to seeing you, Mrs. Starbucker (and the Bearista) at sobcon!!!

    P.S. I think β€œNo Fear, Stay Proud” is an awesome motto. I might have to borrow that one. πŸ™‚

  13. says


    2009 would be quite the year if all of your wishes come true. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    We’ll be making a Blogger Social announcement soon. Stay tuned!


  14. says

    I pray that your wishes would come true, Terry.

    My fervent wish for all of us, is that we’d have more time to do the things we want to do and enjoy the little and big successes along the way.

    Cheers to a happier, healthier, lovelier, richer 2009! πŸ™‚

  15. says

    Terry, I’ve enjoyed lessons learned from you here at “Ramblings from a Glass Half Full.” Let’s all move forward with pride in the work we do to fill up the glass a little more and pour out any sense of fear!

  16. says

    I am late to this wonderful wish list Terry but it is still wonderful and likely to be more real than wish as the year proceeds with folks like you around to continue to prod and inspire. Thanks!

  17. says


    Great list.

    You seem to focus on things that add value to you life as opposed to things that just add value to your bank account.

    An important lesson in these times.

    Joe Chapala
    Casa Preciosa Ajijic, Mexico


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