Every Passion Has Its Destiny – An Olympic Inspiration

He was born in South Dakota on an Indian Reservation.

He lost his parents at the age of 12.

He didn’t make the High School Track team on his first try.

Then he discovered his passion – distance running.

He became an All- American cross country runner in college.

But he gave up running and joined the U.S. Marine Corps.

There, he met a mentor, who encouraged him to rekindle the passion.

So, he began to run again.

And an incredible journey began.

The mentor asked “What is Your Goal”?

He said “Go to the Olympics“.

The mentor replied, “Not enough. Follow your dream, your passion, all the way“.

So he dreamt big. And kept running.

He tried out for the Olympics, finished second and made the team in his specialty, an event no American had ever won.

His Olympic coach had such little faith in him that he didn’t give him a pair of running shoes; he had to borrow a pair.

He qualified for the final of his event with a time nearly a minute slower than the race favorite.

Nobody gave him a chance to win, much less medal.

But he had a passion, and he knew he had a wicked finishing kick.

On his last workout he decided to run a 200 meter sprint.

He found an East German coach to time him.

He ran the fastest 200 meters of his life.

He had a wicked finishing kick, but it was a long race. Would he have it at the end?

He believed that when he needed it, it would be there.

But he was the only one who believed.

On race day no TV commentator mentioned his name.

The favorite was an Aussie, who was self assured – cocky even.

The Aussie liked to run a race that wore down his adversaries, by speeding up every other lap.

The race began. The Aussie set a world record pace.

He (and three others) kept up with him, somehow.

His passion carried him to where he had not been before. But there were many laps left.

I can win, I can win, I can win“, he thought.

The Aussie couldn’t shake him, so there they were, with a Tunisian, starting the final lap.

He was leading the race.

In the first turn the Aussie, frustrated, shoved him to the outside and passed him, nearly knocking him off his feet.

Then, the Tunisian jostled his way between them both, and he was now third.

Still, he thought, “I can win, I can win, I can win

As they rounded the final turn, he was still third, and there was a pack of lapped runners ahead.

He saw something on the back of a German runner as he moved aside – it was an eagle.

It reminded him of his father, who told him “live your life as a warrior

Something happened at that moment.

His wicked kickappeared with a vengeance and he rocketed forward like the wind.

He passed the Aussie and the Tunisian in the last 30 meters of the race, almost like they were standing still.

A race official walked up to him after he had broken the tape, and asked:

Who Are You“?

I’m Billy Mills, and I just won the Gold Medal in the 10,000 meters at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

His passion had found its destiny.

No one from from the US, or the entire Western Hemisphere for that matter, has won that race before or since.

Billy Mills had a dream, which became a passion, which then became a reality.

He is living proof that what others think is impossible can certainly be done.

Watch this and then re-read this post. And then believe that you too can turn your passion into destiny…

(2-22-10 – the video was removed by the user- here’s another link)


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    Wow!! I loved that story. Since I saw this on my BB, I wil watch the video when on the PC. I love underdog stories like this one. Thnks for sharing! Goes to show that “impossible dreams” can and do come true.

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational story. I grew up in South Dakota and remember when this happened. (Oops, that dates me!) What an incredible accomplishment.

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    We must have been flying the same airline. I almost teared up when I read the story. A brilliant reminder to all of us that it’s always within our grasp if we stretch far enough.


  4. says

    Wow — that story shows the possibilities, Terry — that people like you and this hero keep alive! Thanks for inspiring the rest of us!! Ellen

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    I had just graduated high school enjoying my summer and remember this event. It was and remains a wonderful story. Thank you for bringing it alive again.

  6. says

    Holy crap… Gotta tell you I was still going with the Miracle on Ice until I watched the video. Damn!!

    Gave me goose bumps.

  7. says

    Hi Stephen, Sandy, Drew, Ellen, Greg, Lewis and Cody – thanks for stopping by.

    I just had to share this. I just had to. We should tell this story to all kids in school. Yes, we can dream! Yes, we can achieve! Ya just gotta believe (stole that one).

    Thanks, and all the best to you all.

  8. says

    I had heard of Billy Miles but didn’t really know the whole story behind his amazing win. Thanks for the play-by-play and reminder that if we really believe in our dreams, and stick with them, it can take us very far.

  9. max says

    hey thanks a lot for the story i bought a poster with that slogan “every passion has its destiny” but didn’t knew the whole story just the olympic part , i like it its truly inspiring

  10. says

    This is a mind blowing inspiration…i have it on my blog for friends to read and change their mind set to positive thinking,thanks again.


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