Brevity and Life Wisdom – Can I Say It In 25 Words?

Recently Liz Strauss challenged us on her Successful Blog to write a 25 word blog post. Could I express some life wisdom so pithily?

While I was out of town last week I noodled on this quite a bit. I’ve probably spent longer working on this than any other post to this blog (ironic, I know, since this is probably one of the shortest posts).

Now I now why Liz called it a challenge! It’s proven to be a great writing exercise, and I would recommend it to anyone trying to hone their craft.

So, without any further ado, here it is, the 25 word post:

The world’s most precious resource is not oil;

it is joy, a life-sustaining energy that is also extracted,

from the soul instead of the ground.



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