How Politics Has Become the New Sports (at Least for Me)

It’s now been over a month since my “relapse” of sports fever, when the Green Bay Packers made it to the NFC championship game. I had it pretty darn bad, I’m afraid, because as my wife can attest I watched the whole game a nervous and pacing wreck. Any and all perspective was totally lost.

I was acutely aware of what was happening to me, but yet I just couldn’t stop it. So by the time the game went into overtime, I was darned near hyperventilating.

As the Giants lined up to kick the winning field goal I finally sat back and promised myself if the game was to be over right then and there, I’d immediately turn the channel and go right back into a total sports embargo once again. I couldn’t handle it.

History shows the kick was made, and I have been totally true to my own promise since then. I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I haven’t read a sports page, or watched a sports report on the news. And guess what? A month on, I’m doing this even subconsciously – not even having to catch myself peeking.

So I’m back on the wagon……..or am I??

I think what’s happened lately is a classic case of “transference” – the shifting of a irrational focus from one thing to another. What have I transferred to?

Politics. The 2008 Presidential election.

I now have a daily habit of devouring any and all information on the election I can get my hands (and eyes) on. I visit sites like Politico and Real Clear Politics regularly, as often as I used to visit and CNN sports.

The ups and downs of political campaigns utterly fascinate me – it kinda reminds me of………SPORTS.

Watching primary returns is like reviewing football scores – heck, there’s even post game….I mean post vote…. “expert analysis“.

Have I really let go of this thing? Do I simply have to be exposed to some kind of competition that stimulates my brain and provides great drama and excitement?

I suppose the answer is yes. But at least in this case, I’ve transferred it to something that actually does make a difference in my life. Who we have as President for the next four years is much more meaningful than if Brett Favre makes it to another Super Bowl (although I know quite a few people that probably would debate that one……..).

So, did you see that debate last night? ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Hi OkieMom! So now we know who won… ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love the Onion’s sense of humor – priceless.
    Plenty of time to get into it, that’s for sure. I may have to take a politics time out pretty soon! Thanks for stopping by, and all the best!


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