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Midwesterner living in Portland, Oregon.

Business consultant, leadership coach, writer, and startup mentor.

Why More Human?

It’s leadership that comes off the pedestal and makes personal connections.

It’s about changing from an impersonal “boss” to a caring leader.

My First Leadership Webinar on December 8th

Join me on December 8th for my first More Human Leadership webinar, with my co-host by Dr. Kathy Cramer of Lead Positive.

We'll be talking about how you can answer The Call of great leadership.

For more information, and to register, click the button below. It's free, and seats are limited, so sign up soon.

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The Essence of More Human Leadership

Leadership is more than standing on a pedestal, passing orders down.

Communication from the pedestal is made by words and sounds, both written and spoken. But words and sounds aren’t enough.

They’re not human enough. In fact, they’re barely human.

We need More Human Leadership that makes personal connections, grounded by respect and trust, and guided by 8 core principles.

The 8 Principles of More Human Leadership

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